SUMS™  delivers a comprehensive online platform to help organisations better manage water & energy usage.

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Watersave data loggers deliver accurate water & energy data via a simple online platform. Any pulse-capable meter can be connected to a Watersave logger for improved monitoring and management.

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Watersave SUMS™ – Managing Water & Energy Online

Watersave Australia is committed to helping customers better manage Utilities, providing the products, services and consultancy to support organisations seeking to achieve sustainable business practices.
Watersave Australia’s SUMS™  portal delivers the tools and processes to assist in the management of water and energy. The SUMS™ platform provides real-time data enabling business managers to understand water and energy usage patterns, track consumption, prioritise maintenance tasks, report on operational efficiencies, report on sustainability and set benchmarks for future usage.
Access to accurate and up-to-date utilities data from the intuitive SUMS™ portal can assist organisations improve building management, save on valuable resources and reduce operating costs.
SUMS™provides monitoring services to over 2,000 meters in commercial and government organisations, education, residential strata and agricultural industry sectors.