The Company

Watersave Australia has firmly established itself in the Australian sustainability market, providing water management solutions for commercial and government organisations across Australia.

The company is committed to helping customers to better understand and manage water use, providing products, services and consultancy to support large water users seeking to achieve sustainable business. Paul Marsh, Founder and Managing Director of Watersave Australia  won the prestigious 2012 NSW Green Globe Award in the ‘Sustainability Champion category’ for his efforts to reduce water use in Australian business.

Watersave Australia provides the products that reduce water usage and the systems that can provide accurate water usage data for analysis and sustainability reporting. The Watersave SmartMeter System monitors water usage, provides accurate data for reporting and assists companies to understand water usage and seek ways to reduce consumption.

Watersave Australia is also the Australian distributor of the Uridan range of waterless urinals. Today, Uridan waterless urinals save millions of litres of water across Australia every day.

Our aim is to  SAVE WATER – offering innovative solutions which result in sustainable and commercial advantage for our customers.