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Watersave Telemetry & the intuitive SUMS platform

Watersave Australia has been delivering intelligent utility metering solutions to industry since 2008.
Designed and developed in Australia, the newly released SmartMeter Utility Management Solution ™ (SUMS) provides users with the…Keep Reading

Press for SUMS Power

Intelligent SUMS

Managing electricity usage is critical and the integrated SUMS portal can deliver time-of-use electricity and gas data directly to your desk.  Your existing log-in enables you to toggle between all…Keep Reading

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Watersave Recruits New Commercial Director

Innovative sustainability enterprise Watersave Australia has been working with Australian business to save water since 2003. The company’s continued growth and the newly released SmartMeter Utility Management Solution (SUMS) has…Keep Reading

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Watersave Australia launches the SmartMeter Utility Management Platform

Watersave Australia is pleased to present the new SUMS platform – Watersave’s comprehensive portal delivering an intuitive interface with information business managers require to understand water and energy use in…Keep Reading

Watersave's NEW Utility Management Platform

Watersave Australia’s NEW Utilities Platform

It’s coming!
Watersave Australia is excited to be launching the new Watersave SmartMeter Utilities Platform.
Watersave SmartMeter Customers will soon have access to our latest Utility Management Platform providing users with…Keep Reading