The SmartMeter System in Schools

The SmartMeter System in Schools

As schools are gearing up to reduce water use, Watersave Australia is working to support this step – providing access to up-to-date water usage data for water reporting. The SmartMeter can produce real savings for the schools whilst providing accurate information for teachers and students to use in daily learning.

School Graph illustrating typical water usage at a school

Watersave Australia currently supports up to 20% of NSW Schools with the Watersave SmartMeter System

Today up to 70% of water used in schools is lost through leaks in underground pipes, leaking toilet cisterns, bubblers and taps. Schools understand that monitoring water usage is critical to managing this precious resource and managing costs. With water costs set to continue to rise, investment in water management becomes a key feature of good business management.

At today’s Sydney Water pricing, a leak of just 1 litre per minute will cost a school approx $1900 per annum. That’s 525,600 litres of wasted water and $1900 in operating costs which could have been put to better use somewhere else in the school. The objective is not only to create water and cost savings but also to educate the school community about water so we can better manage this precious resource for future generations.

How Is This Achieved?

The Watersave SmartMeter System provides real-time water usage data and water reporting. The system provides valuable detail regarding where and when a school is using water and the data is available to users through a secure website. A rich variety of graphing tools are available including 3D visualisation, panning and zooming and data can be used to provide information such as base flow analysis, water cost calculator, water savings calculator, and water usage per student calculator. This assists a school to manage water usage more efficiently – saving water and money.

The real-time feature of the Watersave SmartMeter means that leaks and other excess usage such as taps left running can be spotted and rectified quickly, before significant amounts of water are wasted, and an SMS or e-mail alert system can be set up to ensure that relevant individuals are notified if unusual water usage patterns occur.

The Results

Partnering schools have reported significant changes in behaviour and the resulting savings in water and operating costs are very positive. A number of schools have built an educational program around the SmartMeter system enabling students to log in and report on water usage and understand the patterns of water use at their school. This has lead to an increased awareness surrounding water that has reduced overall consumption significantly.

Other schools have found small above ground leaks such as running taps or bubblers, leaking cisterns or larger, hidden, below ground leaks that, if left unchecked, would have costs the schools thousands of dollars in water charges.

In Summary, the SmartMeter System provides evidence of water use and highlights abnormal usage and water wastage. Water reporting  leads to  heightened awareness of water use in the school community and this often brings about a  change in behaviour that saves a school both water and money.

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