Watersave Australia


Saving water for future generations

"Uridan enables us to be a part of a revolution that will bequeath a better world to our children" John Reese, Founder, Uridan A/S


Sustainability combined
with function and design

Uridan waterless urinals have been engineered specifically to deliver a quality product with low long term cost of ownership


Environmentally Smart with Stunning Danish design

Uridan waterless urinals are stylish, award winning Danish design products that function entirely without the use of water; saving millions of litres of water every year


Architectural water saving solutions

Uridan Waterless Urinals are available in a large range of models, materials and colours and Watersave Australia works closely with architects to select the right model for your project


Uridan Waterless Urinals

Uridan waterless urinals are instrumental in saving millions of litres of water and many organisations have come to rely on this product to make immediate and measurable water savings in their business. Where a conventional urinal will flush away an average of 50,000 litres of clean drinking water in a year, the Uridan waterless urinal requires no water for flushing, providing an architecturally smart solution with stunning Danish design.

The Uridan product range offers a wide range of waterless urinal solutions including single bowl urinals and waterless urinal troughs. The urinals are available in ceramic or glass reinforced plastic, in a multitude of colours ranging from a pure white, to stone, grey, granite and finally a black finish.

Uridan waterless urinals are being selected by organisations with a focus on sustainability and  are widely used in commercial office towers, shopping centres, sporting facilities, schools, councils buildings, hotels, pubs and clubs.